Our Pest Control Services

Castle’s ultimate goal is to provide you and your family or business with safe, responsible and economical solutions to all your pest control services and termite needs.

You won’t have to worry about signing a contract or your life away because that’s not how we do business. It’s your home or place of business and you should have control of who you use (and when) for your needed services. We respect your time, home and business and will treat you like our own family. Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 goal.

We’ll provide unique treatments customized to your needs using the most current and effective technology available. Unlike other pest control companies, you won’t be signing any contracts with us!

We also provide specialized Reduced Impact Services and Organic Services if you have particular health, child, pet, or other needs.

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Get treatment information and pricing for our services below.

Termite Treatments & Protection
Bee Smart Program
General Pest Treatment
Eco Friendly Botanical Treatments
German Roach Treatment
Flea Treatment
Brown Recluse Treatment
Fire Ant Treatment
Pharaoh (aka Sugar), Rover & Acrobat Ant Treatments
Carpenter Ant Treatment
Rodent Treatment
Bed Bug Treatment
Carpet Beetle Treatment
Mosquito Service
Bee Removal
Raccoon, Squirrel and Other Animal Removal
Mole, Vole or Gopher Removal
Snake Service
Grub Worm Treatment
Real Estate Home Inspections - WDI
Builder/New Construction Termite Pre-Treatments

If you have any questions or would like more information on our services or pricing, please give us a call at 817-485-4712, we’d love to speak to you!


Castle’s Industry Exclusive Services

Castle's Bee Smart ProgramCastle’s industry exclusive Bee Smart Pest Control and 10 Year Termite Warranty programs were born from the concept that “Less is More”. We have carefully tested and selected the most effective, industry-proven, low volatility products on the market. Low volatility products mean less product drift and less degradation which translates to a more effective, longer lasting application, thus eliminating the need for multiple, heavy applications of chemicals.

10 Year Termite WarrantyWhen complimented by the prudent application techniques we have developed over the past decade, a Castle technician can successfully treat your home or business with a drastically reduced amount of water and chemical while surpassing your expectations of service efficacy as compared with traditional methods. That means fewer retreats between regularly scheduled services… which means fewer visits to your home or place of business… which translates to a reduction in vehicle related greenhouse gas emissions, paper usage, fuel costs, phone calls and labor costs. Best of all those savings are passed along to you! And BOTH programs are backed by the BEST warranties in the industry!

Have more questions? Contact us! We’re happy to give you more information or schedule a FREE assessment!

Castle Technicians are Termidor Certified Professionals
EPA Lead Safe Certified
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