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Here are a few of the FAQ’s that you may be wondering as well. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered on our site, head on over to our Contact Page and tell us about it. We look forward to hearing from you!

I have roaches in my home and have tried sprays and “bombs” and these don’t seem to be working. What else can I do?
Cockroaches can be very difficult to control as so many things can contribute to their survival such as food, water and shelter. Aerosol bombs are not very effective in controlling cockroaches however proper placement of the other materials is the key to success. Castle professionals can assist in controlling cockroaches as well as other pests.
I’m seeing bugs in my house and they have lots of legs. What could these be?
It sounds like the insects you are seeing could be millipedes. They come from outside and sometimes during heavy rains they will simply come in to escape the rain. Having a professional pest control company treat the outside of your home and eliminate nesting sites, when possible, as well as possibly targeted applications inside are the best ways to control these insects.
We have bugs in our house. Can I get something to spray that is “child friendly” but will get rid of the bugs?
In order to control and/or eradicate the insects you must first eliminate their food sources, nesting areas (if any), entry points, etc. Sometimes this helps without having to use any insecticides. If insecticides must be used it is important to choose the least toxic material and use the product in full accordance with the products label. You must know the characteristics of the insects that you are trying to control in order to know where to apply the materials.
I have bees drilling holes in my house. What can I do and will they sting?
The bees you are describing sound like carpenter bees. They bore into wood to nest and lay eggs. They are not very aggressive, and the male (white spot on face) does not sting. There isn’t a lot that can be done to prevent this from happening however it is important to treat the holes and then seal them as the bees will reuse the holes each year.
Does your quarterly service control fleas and ticks?
The materials that we use would have some impact on fleas and ticks, however the places that we apply these materials may not be where the ticks or fleas are located or nesting. Though service can be modified to include treating for fleas and ticks when necessary.
I have roaches but I keep a clean house. Why do I still see them?
Having a clean house will not eradicate roaches entering your home since they are looking for food, shelter and water to survive. If it is a larger cockroach you are seeing, they are coming from the outside to the inside, through windows or doors that might not be sealed properly when shut, or through attics, basements, etc. If it is the smaller German cockroach, they can be brought in on groceries, bags, furniture, etc.

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