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Fire Ants – Have You Felt the Pain?

Fire Ants - Have you felt the pain?

Fire Ants in the Metroplex

Fire ants are quickly popping up with all of the recent rains in the DFW metroplex. If you are unlucky enough to have been stung by one of these nuisance pests you are well aware that it’s not very comfortable and the after effects can linger for days. Some folks can even have allergic reactions to the stings.

Fire Ant Mounds, Not a New Problem

If you are just now noticing fire ant mounds after the heavy rains, don’t just assume this is a new problem. In most cases, they have been there for months (even years), but were not “mounding” because the soil conditions were just right. The excess moisture (from heavy rains) flood the nesting chambers of the queen and force the worker ants to migrate the nesting chambers and all the eggs to “higher ground”, thus the mounds start popping up around your yard.

Another little known fact…the mounds you are seeing are probably just a satellite nest from the main colony…which could be as far a block away in some instances. Never fear though! Castle has a solution for this aggravating problem! We can treat your lawn and the perimeter around your house with proven, year-long protection that will guarantee you won’t see any fire ants around your house. Fire ants will be kept at bay and your family will be “sting free” for an entire year…no matter where the main colony lives. One application – One year Warranty!

While fire ants can be easily spotted in your lawn and your flower beds, huge nests are often undetected under bath tubs (especially Jacuzzi type tubs) and inside wall voids where water heaters or plumbing lines are present. Sounds ominous, but it is very common. But never fear…your Castle fire ant treatment works there too!

Outside edges of pools are another area that need control this application works very well for being Fire Ant Free when its time to the outdoors.

Full treatment for Fire Ants

Our lawn/soil treatments will last for a year…YES, A FULL YEAR…from the time of application! We do not use baits or repellent products on these ants. Our products actually are a non-repellent, so they never realize they have come into contact with the product.

As very social insects, just one fire ant colony member has to come in contact with the application and it will start its patented “colony-eliminating” procedure. One ant infects another ant and so on. This chain reaction is slow process (30-60 days) but can eliminate the entire colony over time. Yes, this is colony elimination, not just your typical treatment that just irritates the queen who then just moves the colony to another location. The application will be has to be “wetted” into the soil (sprinkler system or a good rain) so that it bonds with the soil. The ideal time for an application would be early spring (somewhat like pre-emergent for weeds) so that you can enjoy the spring and summer months fire ant free.

The application can be applied anytime of the year though and it’s never too late to start the control and colony elimination process.

Please don’t hesitate to call at 817-485-4712 if you are in need of ridding your home and yard of fire ants for the rest of the year.

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