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Halloween Fun – Activities, Crafts and Snacks

Halloween Fun from Castle Pest Control

You may not know this, but at Castle Pest Control we like to have fun. And Halloween is a pest control expert’s favorite celebration. Let’s face it, when you deal with pests all day, we may as well make it something everyone can enjoy.

For October, we wanted to share some of our favorite crafts, decorations and activities to bring a little creepy-crawly fun to your Halloween celebration. We rounded up our favorite links from across the (spider) web and have listed a handful below.

For the Little Ones

w-is-for-worms-sensory-playWiggly Worm Activity

This is a sensory play activity that we thought was perfect for Halloween. Choose different sizes of worms in a big bowl of squishy goopiness for a haunted house for older kids.

Warning that this looks messy but we all know that messy can be fun.

(Please note that earth worms are beneficials and good for your soil. We do consider them pests only slimy ways to have fun for Halloween.)

Image from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Creep Crawly Bug Paintings

Another activity for younger children that can be adapted for Halloween. Choose black paper with orange paper of vice versa for a true Halloween affect. So simple and fun for the kids to explore bugs, get a little messy and enjoy the Halloween spirit without it being scary.

2015-09-281Learning about Spiders

This website compiles a great list of activities for young children to learn about spiders. In fact there are 13 activities listed here that includes crafts, snacks, games and even math problems.

Image from My Bright Firefly

For Older Halloween Goblins


Shadow Boxes

bugsHow fun these would be for a Halloween Party!

Head over to your Dollar or Halloween Spirit Store and look for the inexpensive bags of spiders, bats and bugs that you can use for these. Group together on a table or hang on the wall for impact.

This website includes a printable download for the labels, a list of needed materials and examples. But don’t be limited by these examples! Let your imagination run wild and think of other displays you can create.

We also love the idea of making this an activity for the bug-lovers out there for any time of the year.

Image from Halloween Crafts on Tumblr.


For a Halloween party table top decoration, this was another favorite.

We always like the look of these but finding glass cloches are hard to do plus they can be expensive. So believe me when I say how excited it was to find we could make them by reusing soda bottles!

The how-to can be found at the website following this link. Again, look for items to add at your Dollar Tree, The Dollar Spot at Target or your favorite Halloween Spirit stores.

You are only limited to your own imagination. Some ideas may be rubber rats, skulls, snakes, spiders. The bigger and creeper the better to create interesting dioramas.

Vary the heights of the cloches if grouping together to create interest.

We may even reuse this idea for other fall and Christmas decor (minus the creepy crawlies, of course!).

Image from DIY Home Sweet Home on Blogspot.


gallery-1470798874-marinara-spider-34Halloween Appetizers

Sixteen appetizers on this link that look pretty easy to put together. Everything from hot pepper mummies, monster fingers made from bread sticks and the pictured saucy spider made from pizza dough.

Image from Woman’s Day Magazine

Halloween Treats

This is a complete list of appetizers, drinks, sweets and more. We loved the easy Bat Bites and the Rice Crispy Treats Brains.

The Collection

Be sure to find us on Pinterest to follow along with a whole collection of Creepy Crawly Halloween Fun.  And we’d love to hear from you! Please share your favorite Halloween favorites so we can include them in our next Halloween roundup.













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