Fire Ants

Fire Ants

Fire Ant Mound

Fire Ant Mound

I bet you’ve seen this before. Everyone in the south knows what a fire ant mound looks like and Texas averages about 300 mounds per acre! These ants are everywhere, very persistent and if you get too close, painful! Fire ants are not only a pain (literally) to us but also cause issues with wildlife, electrical equipment, urbanscapes and more.

Fire Ant

Southern Fire Ant

Not all fire ants are red. The Little Fire Ant (also known as the Electric Ant) is tan or light brown and smaller than the red fire ants we commonly see, only about 1.5mm long. The Black Imported Fire Ant is red and black. The Southern Fire ant is reddish brown. Any of these can nest in your yard or even under the slab of a patio, garage or house.

Floating fire ant pods

Floating pods of fire ants during the flood.

Little know fact: Fire ants don’t bite as most people think but in fact, they sting. Fire ant stings cause irritations which can take days to weeks to heal.

Learn more on Fire Ants at Texas A&M’s Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Project.

To keep your yard a fun and nice place to enjoy, check out our Service page for information on our fire ant yard treatment.

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