Moles & Voles

Moles & Voles

It’s not common to get these furry mammals in your yard (moles or voles), but it does happen occasionally. Here’s how to tell the difference.


Moles and Voles


You’ll rarely see these guys above ground and will probably only figure out your yard has a new resident by the tunnels they make. Moles travel underground and are almost completely blind but have a great sense of smell, hearing and can notice vibrations. The more tunnels they dig, the more places to collect food – mostly earth worms and other things of that sort. Moles don’t eat plant roots but can cause damage that might kill a plant.

Gopher and Mole Yard Damage

Mole Yard Damage



Looks like a mouse but it's a Vole.


These little guys can easily be mistaken for a mouse if you see one. They have short tails and short stubby noses. Voles are big eaters and eat everything from plant and tree roots to grass and other vegetation. They are mainly above ground, at or near the surface but leave little trails around your yard. These trails are about 2 inches in width and almost looks like someone ran a little tiny lawn mower all around. Voles are attracted to overgrown vegetation, weeds and other yard debris giving them lots to eat and places to make their nests where they won’t be disturbed.

Vole Trail Yard Damage

Vole Trail Yard Damage

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