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Termite Report: Peace of Mind For Your New Home

Termite Report

The home buying process brings with it a myriad of additional transactions such as surveys, title searches, loan applications, school and tax records, home inspections and appraisals. However, one very important item all too often overlooked is a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) or, more commonly referred to as a Termite Report.

Required by all VA loans, only certain FHA loans must have a termite report with any findings of active infestations or conducive conditions corrected before the loan can close. We have seen far too many instances where the buyer was unaware of this requirement until they reached the scheduled closing only to find the process skid to a screeching halt until rectified.

With nearly 17 years of experience in the DFW marketplace, we can tell you that while your particular loan may not require a WDIR, it is an invaluable part of the home buying process. Termites don’t care if you have a VA or FHA loan…they are “equal opportunity” infesters! Over the past two decades we have found termites and/or carpenter ants on everything from older homes in various states of disrepair (which would probably surprise no one) to brand new construction homes in brand new developments (which can be quite a shock to any new home buyer).

While a WDIR (termite report) is often simply referred to as a “Termite Report”, it actually provides expert opinion on many other potentially damaging problems for your new home. One of our state licensed technicians with at least five years of experience will perform a complete inspection of your home and surrounding structures for the presence of termites, carpenter ants, wood boring inspects, powder post beetles and carpenter bees as well as any other wood destroying insects known to be in your area.

We not only look for signs of present damage, our technician will also look for the possibility of future pest problems. The inspection will identify any structural and/or natural “Conducive Conditions” (conditions that could potentially lead to an active infestation) such as heavy foliage, wood damage, high soil line, excessive moisture and wood to ground contact, just to name a few. We can then provide you with detailed mechanical and/or chemical recommendations for corrections for the issues to provide a “clear report” required by some lenders and to prevent future damages or infestations.

The small up front fee for a WDIR can at the very least provide you piece of mind in what will most likely be the largest financial investment you will ever make. In many cases, a termite report can identify problems up front that would have otherwise gone undetected until months or years down the road after the sale was complete. This could prevent you, the buyer, from being responsible for hundreds if not thousands of dollars of treatments and/or repairs and no further recourse available.

Worst case scenario – our technician finds an active infestation and/or conducive conditions that need correction. You will then be able to alert the seller so that they may correct them as prescribed in the report at their expense…not yours…before the contract if finalized and the sale closes.

Best case scenario – our technician finds no signs of active infestation nor any conducive conditions to report (this is surprisingly pretty rare). The small up front investment in a WDIR brings you that welcomed peace of mind that your next home is free from major treatments and/or repair costs for the foreseeable future. You will be able to go to the closing table with no surprises!

Need a WDIR? Head over and fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment or ask a question. Or call us today at 817-485-4712.

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