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Winter Pest Control For the DFW Area

winter pest control

Most people think that cold weather keeps away spiders, ants, crickets and mosquitoes typically associated with warmer weather and therefore don’t often consider winter pest control.

But did you know that those cooler months bring on a host of other pest problems known in the industry as harborage pests, rodents (mice & rats), squirrels, opossums and raccoons love to build nests in your house.

Health Reasons for Winter Pest Control

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention lists a direct correlation between rodent infestations in and around the home as the primary risk for hantavirus exposure and salmonellosis as well as indirect risk of human exposure to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease from the infestations of pests attracted to the nesting sites and the harborage pests themselves.

Harborage areas are usually areas that do not receive much human attention, such as attics, eve’s, soffits, chimneys, vents, etc. Some pest control providers also specialize in exclusion services, bait boxes, trapping are usually needed to eradicate these Fall & Winter pests.

Staying ahead of the pest intrusion is critical for several reasons:

  1. These pests can damage your electrical wiring system or security system.
  2. Newer home’s “PEX” water lines can be chewed into creating leaks.
  3. They can damage duct work and insulation in attics and walls.
  4. These pests and their droppings promote diseases to humans.
  5. Urine/fecal odors and stains damage property and can attract other pest problems.
  6. Even small holes allow access to these larger pests to gain access into homes.
  7. Chew/scratch marks on outside trim boards can lead to early wood rot & water intrusion

Exclusion work and perimeter bait stations can go a long way in helping against intrusion that typically starts in early fall and on into the winter and early spring months. Handling small issues now, before they become bigger issues, can save a lot of time & money in damages and pest control services and repairs.

Wasps are another nuisance pest that needs attention in early winter. These pests typically have a late hatching and can be a big nuisance when the nest near doorways, in the eaves or in the attic. As the colder temperatures arrive in late fall wasps will gravitate toward warmer harborage areas inside of the home instead. They are attracted to heat/light and they love can lights. These lights provide entry points from the attic into the home. Here again, exclusion work such as weather stripping, caulking, and repairing vent screens all have their place in the prevention of these pesky insects.

If you think you may have some areas of exposure that need professional attention to prevent an infestation of harborage pests, or any other pests, don’t hesitate to call us 817-485-4712.

We offer pest control in Fort Worth, Arlington, Southlake, Burleson and the mid-cities DFW area. One of our state certified, licensed professionals can be scheduled to provide you a free evaluation the same day in most cases.

We are here to “Protect your Castle” with winter pest control.

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