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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant – Worker Ant

There are 12 different species of Carpenter Ant in Texas which makes them a little hard to identify as they vary in color and size. Colors can range from solid black, black head/red thorax/black abdomen, solid red and red head/red thorax/black abdomen. The male and female winged carpenter ants often get confused with termite swarmers.

This ant is usually large, red and black and travels alone. You may find a trail, but only a few ants will be present. Mostly nocturnal in the hot summer months in and around your structure. Main characteristic features to look for are a heart-shaped head, tiny hairs at the end of the abdomen and only one segment between their thorax and abdomen which makes it look like they have a pinched waist.

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ant

Acrobat Ants

There are several species of Acrobat Ants, two of which are in the DFW area. They get their name from the funny habit of holding their abdomen above their thorax (or head) when disturbed. It makes them look like an acrobat who walks on their hands. They have a heart shaped abdomen when viewed from above and their colors vary from a light brown to a dark brown/black. These guys usually nest in decaying wood or wood already destroyed by Termites or Carpenter Ants.

Both of these species (Carpenter Ants and Acrobat Ants) can cause damage to wood in and around structures. Neither of these pests eat the wood as a termite does; these ants rip and tear the wood to create nests. They not only build nests in outside wood structures, wood piles, fences and old trees, they may build in your walls, around windows, doors, decks, attics, and landscape lumber too.

If you suspect you have an infestation of either of these wood destroying ants, contact us for a FREE assessment and quote for a personalized treatment. For information on Carpenter Ant treatment, visit our Services page.

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