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Halloween Fun from Castle Pest Control

You may not know this, but at Castle Pest Control we like to have fun. And Halloween is a pest control expert’s favorite celebration. Let’s face it, when you deal with pests all day, we may as well make it something everyone can enjoy. For October, we wanted to share some of our favorite crafts, [...]

Termite Report

The home buying process brings with it a myriad of additional transactions such as surveys, title searches, loan applications, school and tax records, home inspections and appraisals. However, one very important item all too often overlooked is a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) or, more commonly referred to as a Termite Report. Required by all [...]

Zika & West Nile Concerns for DFW

We don’t believe in scaring our customers or basing our marketing on fear but we do feel that it is our responsibility to share news that could affect you.To put it bluntly, as of August 11, 2016 there are 102 reported cases of Zika Virus and 37 reported cases of West Nile in the state [...]

Flea and tick season in North Texas

High humidity in the North Texas area means Flea and Tick season is here! No one wants these pesky, nuisance bugs around them or their pets. Fleas can transfer tapeworms and cause skin problems to your pets. Most of the fleas we see are cat fleas, but they don’t discriminate. They attach to dogs rodents, [...]

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