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winter pest control

Most people think that cold weather keeps away spiders, ants, crickets and mosquitoes typically associated with warmer weather and therefore don’t often consider winter pest control. But did you know that those cooler months bring on a host of other pest problems known in the industry as harborage pests, rodents (mice & rats), squirrels, opossums [...]

Bug Fun For Kids!

Learn and have fun at the same time! The National Pest Management Association has a fun interactive website made especially for kids. It’s a fun, colorful place to learn and explore the world of different pests, make crafts, play games + more! Check out Pest World For Kids. What’s your favorite bug? Tell us about [...]

Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome to our new home on the web! We are so happy to have a place that’s much easier for you to navigate, to find information and keep you up to date on everything we’ve got going on. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! Look out for info here about [...]

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