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Mosquito season is fast approaching, are you ready?

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Mosquito season may seem far away but over the last few years there have been several instances of mosquitoes carrying virus’s such as Dengue, West Nile and the latest, Zika. The Zika virus can be transmitted through a mosquito bite and subsequent saliva transmission in humans.

Severe brain damage and birth defects in newborn babies have been linked to the Zika Virus. While the CDC does not expect a large scale epidemic across the entire US, the states that will possibly be most affected are the southern states, like Texas, due to their proximity to the South American continent.

So, it’s time to start preparing for mosquito season!

Castle Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is here to help alleviate your concerns and to eliminate these nuisance pests from your home. First, we recommend taking proper care of your surroundings and consider the clothes you wear during mosquito season, as well as utilizing common repellents to help deter mosquito bites. Castle takes your well being seriously and we have developed a specific formula and application method to address the recurring mosquito problems facing us here in North Texas. Over the past 5 years we have several very satisfied repeat customers with our exclusive 60-day Mosquito Control Program that focuses on treatment and exclusion methods in the mosquitoes’ harborage areas. Our 30 years of pest control experience and pure determination to solve this concern for our customers has resulted in a winning, affordable and very effective program we are proud to put our name and reputation behind.

Our licensed service technicians will inspect your entire property to identify any harborage areas for mosquitoes as well as recommend corrections of conducive conditions to help eliminate infestations by non-chemical means. When we meet back with you we will point out these areas of concern with you and discuss all possible solutions. Sometimes corrective just a few conducive conditions will help resolve major issues along with the mosquito treatment every 60 days, once the season starts.

Female mosquitoes (the biting pest of the species) target humans and other mammals to complete their reproduction process. The blood meal they gather is used to develop their eggs. They can use any type of standing water to gather, breed and lay their eggs. Dirty swimming pools, uncleaned rain gutters, pooling water from broken sprinklers, holes/cavities in trees, etc. are all common sources. Our mosquito treatment will interrupt the egg development and hatching cycle as well as killing adult mosquitoes on contact. We can also implement larvacides for standing water, which is a safe alternative for other aquatic life.

Tips to keep in keep mosquitoes at bay:

  • a) Wear light colored clothing covering arms and legs
  • b) Utilize mosquito repellent Spray/Lotion/Bands etc.
  • c) Identify & eliminate standing water
  • d) Be wary of low shade trees, tall grass, heavy shrubs & standing water as harborage areas
  • e) Mosquitoes are most active early morning and late evening

Remember, Castle Termite & Pest Control is here to help alleviate your concerns and protect your family from pests such as mosquitoes. Give us a call today at 817-485-4712 to find out ways we can help you protect your castle.

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